International Day Of Happiness: HuffPost Editors Reveal What Makes Them Happy

International Day Of Happiness: HuffPost Editors Reveal What Makes Them Happy
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With happiness recognised by the UN as a ‘fundamental human goal’, we thought it high time to check in with the things that make us smile, ahead of the International Day of Happiness on 20 March.

Last year was the first official celebration of the day, with UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon saying we should use the day to reinforce “our commitment to inclusive and sustainable human development”.

This year, charity Action for Happiness wants us to take it a step further and they are urging people to ‘reclaim happiness’.

“Marketers and advertisers tell us that happiness comes from buying the right products,” says director Mark Williamson.

“Celebrities and the media pretend it comes with beauty and fame. Meanwhile, politicians claim that nothing matters more than growing the economy.

“To celebrate the Day of Happiness 2014, we’re asking people around the world to share a genuine vision of happiness, reclaiming it back together from those who would manipulate us.”

To get involved, take a picture of something you love and use the hashtag #happinessday.

Meanwhile, we asked our HuffPost editors around the world to get involved. This is what happiness looks like to them..

  • Otávio Dias, Editor-In-Chief of Brasil Post
    “What makes me happy? Climbing a tree to eat goiabas directly from the branches on a sunny Sunday in my countryside home!”
  • Andrea Mann, HuffPost UK Comedy Editor
    “Blue skies, London, the countryside and birds.”
  • Brogan Driscoll, HuffPost UK Lifestyle Assistant Editor
    “Flowers, brunch and blue sky. Flowers because they are pretty and calming. And I love getting them as a gift- so thoughtful, something I would never buy myself. Oh, and brunch because I love eggs.”
  • Asa Bennett, Business Reporter
    “What makes me happy? This shot by William Wegman.”
  • Michael Rundle, HuffPost UK Tech Editor
    “Giving co-workers tennis ball heads.”
  • Rebecca Gillie, Parentdish, Editorial Assistant
    “Making cocktails! Note vintage Babycham glasses – thanks, Grandma.”
  • Rebecca Zamon, HuffPost Canada Living Editor
    “From the time I was a kid, walking into a library has always lifted my spirits instantly.”
  • Charlie Lindlar, HuffPost UK Blogs Assistant Editor
    “My bunny.”
  • Dawn Cuthbertson, HuffPost Canada, Associate Homepage Editor
    “Getting to see this smile every single morning makes my life.”
  • Sara Nelson, HuffPost UK Traffic And Trends Editor
    “Oxford Circus on a crisp, winter afternoon.”
  • Poorna Bell, HuffPost UK Lifestyle Editor
    “No matter how bad my day, Daisy is always happy and full of beans, and that in turn dispels any grumpiness I might have felt. Even when she’s eaten her expensive dog bed, as evidenced in the photograph.”
  • Emily Verdouw, HuffPost UK Blogs Editorial Assistant
    “What makes me happy: A sunny, blue sky on my walk to work.”
  • Caroline Frost, HuffPost UK Entertainment Editor
    “Baby tortoises – just look at them!”
  • Ellen Wallwork, Parentdish Senior Writer
    “Little things that make me happy: When my friend tags me in pictures of weird animals.”
  • Sabrina Hoffman, HuffPost Germany Editor Of Good & Lifestyle
    “My best friend.”
  • Carla Buzasi, HuffPost UK Editor-In-Chief And Global Lifestyle Head
    “Sunny skies and a sea view.”
  • Ellen Stewart, MyDaily Celebrity, Lifestyle And Features Writer
    “Waking up in Paris. No matter what the weather it is impossible to be miserable in this city. I’d move there in an instant if I had the chance.”
  • Carol Lee, Lifestyle Editor Of Huffpost Korea
    Things that make me happy: “1. My neighbour’s dog who always give me a nice smile. 2. Flowers on the dining table – it makes me feel super rich. 3. Being a tour guide. I love to do this when a friend comes to my city.”

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