24 Signs You’re In A Bromance

24 Signs You’re In A Bromance
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So you thought you were just having beers and watching episodes of 24, turns out you were sowing the seeds for a full-on bromance. Kicking off the Month Of Kinship, here are 24 ways to tell when it’s gone from casual to serious…

  • 1
    They always know what to say to make everything right
  • 2
    When you fistbump, everything feels right with the world
  • 3
    When you’re at a party alone, everyone always asks where he is
  • 4
    His hugs always make you feel better, but you can never tell him that
  • 5
    You find yourself constantly telling people…
  • 6
    You share the same love for one particularly weird song
  • 7
    You always sit a little bit too close to each other
  • 8
    You can’t do ANYTHING without him trying to distract you
  • 9
    And sometimes this happens…
  • 10
    You finish each other’s obscure pop culture references
  • 11
    You have your own little handshakes
  • 12
    You’re in each other’s profile pictures
  • 13
    No one really ‘gets’ your friendship, but that’s ok
  • 14
    When one of you is drunk and crying, you’re both drunk and crying
  • 15
    You hold him in such high esteem it gets worrying
  • 16
    You play this game with people down the pub
  • 17
    So much unnecessary touching
  • 18
    When it’s party time, you’re always together. Otherwise it’s not party time.
  • 19
    There’s things you say that you’re really glad no one else can hear
  • 20
    You leave a trail of bromantic devastation wherever you go
  • 21
    Your other friends are kind of weirded out by how close you are
  • 22
    You compliment each other so much your girlfriends get worried
  • 23
    No silence is ever awkward
  • 24
    You’re free to be your oddest together
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